FENYI Renewable Energy Inc. is a green energy company that develops and manufactures renewable energy generators and systems. These energy generators and systems are reliable, pollution free, noiseless, petroleum free, and have security enhanced features for the home, business, and recreation use. Our vision is to generate electricity at an affordable rate for homes, businesses, and outdoor recreation through our reliable energy generators and system. Our generators and systems are environmentally friendly and promote a better greenhouse effect and a healthy environment. Our generators are designed, engineered and manufactured in Connecticut, U.S.A.



Founder and President

Godfred Biney is the founder and president of FENYI Renewable Energy Inc. He invented, designed, and developed the FenEnergy generator.

Godfred was born in Ghana, Africa and brought up by his grandmother, Fenyiwa, until he was nine. She inspired Godfred to dream big, he soon became a visionary, just like Fenyiwa.

When Godfred relocated to the United States, a story from a rural community snapped him back to his roots: a pastor bitten by a snake due to lack of electricity inspired Godfred to envision, create, and bring to fruition a product that would bring his community out of the dark and into the light. After years of hard work and broken barriers, Godfred has overcome all hurdles and is proud to bring FENYI  Renewable Energy products to a global stage.

Away from FENYI, Godfred’s true love is his wife, Ester and their beautiful son, Fenyi.



Bart Hogestyn is the CEO of Ansonia Steel Fabrication Co. Inc. located in Beacon Falls, CT.
He transformed a debt company into a multi-million dollar state of the art facility. With his engineering capabilities, assisted several companies complete product designs and subsequent patents. He brings this rich expertise and experience to support R&D Lab and Product Development Dept.

​Email: bart@ansoniasteel.com
​Tel: 1-203-888-4509

R&D Laboratory

Our Research and Development laboratory is in Waterbury, Connecticut (U.S.A).  This is where our product prototypes are developed, built and tested. Most of our component manufacturers are connected to our Research and Development Laboratory as we strive to form strong partnerships with them. Our numerous partnerships offer continuous expertise which is relied upon to develop and improve our products.

Assembly Site

Product manufacturing, packaging, and shipping to customers are carried out at our Beacon Fall, Connecticut (U.S.A) assemble site.

Marketing Team

We have a marketing team made up of sales and business development professionals well equipped with information on all our products. The marketing team is readily available to answer all your questions, arrange demonstrations, onsite-visits and also provide free advice on your energy needs pertaining to our products.

Project Management / Engineering Team

Our project management & engineering team is made up of highly knowledgeable technical project managers and engineers who fully understand the core architecture of our systems. These professionals will work with you to understand your needs, requirements and advise on customizations and functionalities that would serve you best.


The administrative services group takes care of human resource, finance and all other related business services. This team is made up of courteous and knowledgeable professionals who will ensure that your business relation with us is an enjoyable experience.