Solar Farms

Electricity has gradually become an essential need for our industries, businesses and homes. Our modern way of life is generally being powered by electricity. There is a growing demand for electricity, which needs to be matched with an equally growing supply, to ensure a constant supply of electricity at all times, and also keep its cost at a competitive price. Having uninterrupted electricity supply at a cost-effective rate is crucial to the economic sustainability of industries and your business.

We are here to help provide a constant supply of electricity 24/7 to take care of your energy needs. Our solar farms will help your businesses save on energy cost over time, which in effect translates into your business providing products and services at competitive prices. Your business would also be part of the global green and environmentally friendly initiatives as it contributes and helps promote a healthy environment and better greenhouse effect.

If your business is interested in selling power, our solar farms are your best bet. In recent years, we are seeing regular farms being converted to solar farms because solar farms are more profitable. Solar farms create sustainable local jobs, increase our energy security, and help cut back on the use of outdated fossil-fuels that are damaging our environment. If you or your business is interested in the enjoying the benefits of a solar farm, and would like to learn more, please contact us at:

Cell Towers Powered by Solar

The vast majority of cell-phone towers in developing countries rely on electricity grids which is not consistent in supply. Diesel power has been the backup power and the alternative energy source in areas without power grids. Renewable energy is being embraced by some developing countries as they begin to realize the economic and environmental benefits it brings. Even in developed countries with reliable electricity, changes in the structure of mobile networks is opening the door for alternative renewable energy.

FenEnergy generating system is here to serve as a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative power for cell towers. Not only does our system supply power at a less cost compared to diesel fuel, it also produces clean energy. Furthermore, the convenience of using solar energy as a backup or the main power supply compared to diesel fuel is that our system does not need to be moved around. Diesel fuel however, needs transporting from one cell site to the other, creating a lot of inconvenience. FenEnergy systems has little or no maintenance for years compared to diesel generators which break down quite often. Our system delivers direct current (DC) to your cell towers, therefore you do not need rectifiers to convert alternating current (AC) to (DC). To learn more or know how much you can save by switching to FenEnergy Off-Grid or Grid-Tie System, please contact us at:

Street Lights Powered By Solar

FenEnergy Street Light utilizes LED bulbs which is an effective way to augment existing grid-tie street lights or replace them entirely. There is no need for wiring and electrical connections.  FenEnergy Street Light permanently reduces lighting budgets through monthly savings on utility bills and low installation costs. Our FenEnergy Street Light is perfect for Parking Lots, roadways, Pathways, Tennis courts, and Remote Rest Stops.

To learn more about our Solar Powered Street Lights, please contact us at:

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