You Own It

We do not lease our systems to you. You completely own it. This gives you the opportunity to manage a system you call your own. With our Grid-Tie System, you will be selling excess electricity you do not need to your Utility Grid power company.

Our Off-Grid System can serve as a back-up or a main power supply to your home, cabin, cottage, remote facility, and places where Grid Utility Power is not available, unreliable, or expensive. Our Off-Grid System also serves the need of those who want to manage their power without depending on the grid utility companies’ tariffs which increases the cost per KWH every year. Furthermore, you are protected from power outages from the utility power; when there is a power outage in your local area, you would have power in your home; that is, you are in charge of your power needs.

Healthy Environment

If saving the earth from pollution is your concern, then our Off-Grid System would help promote a healthy environment and a better greenhouse effect. Our Off-Grid System has zero carbon and greenhouse emission. If it is too expensive to bring grid utility power to your home, offices, businesses, farm, or a remote facility, the FenEnergy Off-Grid System is your best bet.

Reversing Your Meter

Our Grid-Tie System is ideal for communities where the grid utility power is reliable and you want to save money on your power consumption or want to sell power to the Utility Grid power companies; i.e. every excess electricity you produce but do not need would goes to the Utility Grid power lines by reversing your meter which would put money in your pocket.

Electric Vehicle Charger

Electric Vehicles are becoming very popular. They are quick and quiet. Imagine driving out of your home and never going to a gas station.
Some models of our system come with an adapter that helps you plug in your Electric Vehicle charger. Its simple ‘plug and plays’.

Solar Tiles


Instead of Solar Panels, you can opt for Solar Tiles also called Solar Shingles with your FenEnergy Generating Systems. These tiles are beautiful, durable, efficient, and a new technology. Solar Tiles have dual functions; generate electricity in the same way as solar panels, i.e. these Solar Tiles are made up of photovoltaic cells, and at the same time they are designed to look like and function as a regular roofing tile, such as asphalt slate.

If you look at a Solar Tile from a distance, they look like a regular roofing tile. If you are planning to re-roof your home or construct a new home, and thinking of going solar, Solar Tiles may offer a better choice. Solar Tiles has a lifespan of about 30 to 40 years similar to good quality asphalt shingles. Solar Tiles can be integrated into the exterior design of your home, making aesthetically pleasing. Solar Tiles like solar panels may qualify for tax incentive depending on your state. If you are interested in FenEnergy generating System and would like to consider Solar Tiles, we are here to help.